Our Strengths

 Fatto acknowledges that its most important strength in this industry is its ability to understand its customers’ demands in a full and correct way. It has all the assets it needs to develop current, good quality and correctly priced solutions on a timely basis for such demands.


Our Campus

Fatto has a  modern and multi oriented campus located in Anatolian Side of İstanbul. Production sections, management sections and showrooms which updates and designs according to customer needs are inside of this campus. Fatto holds the power of effective control on its business thanks to that proactive campus. Our campus has 150.000/qty production capacity per month and is built on 7000 m2field. Our campus includes logistic and planning section, Cutting section ,designing/ sampling section , embroidery section, washing section, fabric inspection and fabric warehouse.



Planning each manufacturing process from the sample preparation stage to the shipment stage and scheduling the relevant work flowchart lie in Fatto’s genes. It strictly follows each flowchart to deliver the products on time to each customer.

Design and Modelling

Design Department of Fatto is manned by a team of highly talenteddesigners who have absorbed this sector into their thinking and who got to know the market well. This team is specialized in designing products having the potential to be sold in great quantities. Using the Gerber CAD system, our Technical Team turns the designs created by us or received from custom

Supply Chain Management (Fabric & Accessories)

Fatto owns a uniquely large archive of fabrics and accessories thanks to the market and fair researches and trend analyses it has been conducting without interruption since day one. This archive enables it to select and purchase the materials needed to meet the demands in a correct and faultless way.