Our Beginning

Fatto was started as a business in 1986 in Uskudar in district of Istanbul, and continues with the same utmost care ever. It developed an original roadmap to attain the position it targeted in the Turkish textile export market and to provide its customers with solutions for such activities as manufacturing, design and market analysis needed by the global textile industry. And it has been consistently following that roadmap since then.

Our Purpose

Its earliest business objective was to produce good quality, original and detailed blouses, because the lack of such blouses was a gap in the local industry. In the ensuing years trousers, skirts, suits, jackets and denim were added in production range, so that its range of business objectives was expanded accordingly. It now aims to serve as a thorough solution partner by employing all the principles it gathered under the title Fatto’s Values.

Our Values

The unique experience it has acquired in various fields of this industry and the business efficiency it has proved in Turkish and European textile markets are among the outstanding values of Fatto. The value it considers the most important and it gives highest priority in terms of investment is, naturally, its staff. Keep on improving themselves since day one, its employees create a unique value for Fatto. Other values of Fatto include its production capacity and quality, the modern techniques and production technology it employs, and its ability to create effective designs to meet its customers’ needs.

Our Mission

Fatto considers that its customers are members of the same team as Fatto in this industry, and gives priority to work hard and meticulous to develop and implement the plans it needs to keep each and every promise it made with its customers. This devotion to duty and its customer-oriented approach lead all the services it provides.

Our Vision

Finding new customers in as much our market as other markets, with whom we would enjoy high interests on mutual basis, and establishing good relations with them, being fully aware of the knowledge we accumulated to date with boundless efforts.